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Federal Listed and State Special Concern Species
American Badger   Taxidea taxus
State Species of Special Concern. Found in open grasslands where gophers and ground squirrels are abundant. Recorded in Goleta Slough (Collins 1983) as late as 1986.
Pallid Bat   Antrozous pallidas
State Species of Special Concern. Ranges throughout California. Roosts colonially in caves, buildings and occasionally hollow trees. Has been recorded foraging over Slough (Collins 1983).
San Diego Black-tailed Jackrabbit   Lepus californicus bennettii
State Species of Special Concern. Found in open and semi-open grassland and coastal sage scrub. Commonly occurred in grassland and disturbed habitat along runways within the Goleta Slough Ecosystem (Collins 1983). Not present in Ecosystem since late 1980s.
Townsend's Western Big-eared Bat   Plecotus townsendii townsendii
State Species of Special Concern. Widely ranging throughout California. Roosts in caves, buildings, and mines. No records of this species within Goleta Slough ecosystem though Collins (1983) states that this species is likely to forage over a slough.

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